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Wonderbag: insulated material container that can cook food without fuel

The Wonderbag is the brainchild of Natural Balance, Natural Balance is a South Africa based organisation supporting community based projects.

The Natural Balance Wonderbag Project is cutting fuel consumption and creating employment in South Africa, as well as numerous other benefits described on their website (see link below).

The Wonderbag is an insulated container made up of two poly-cotton bags filled with polystyrene balls. It can hold a pre-heated dish safely for several hours while cooking its contents through heat retention. Cooking in the Wonderbag reduces the consumption of fossil fuels.

Cooking is done in two stages. First, the food is brought to the boil on a conventional stove or cooking fire. Once the food has reached the desired temperature and is heated through, the second step is to transfer the cooking pot to the Wonderbag. The insulated Wonderbag ensures that the temperature of the food is maintained to continue and complete the cooking process.

one Wonderbag:

* reduces cooking fuel consumption by 30-50%;
* reduced CO₂ emissions by approximately 500kg per year; and
* saves about 15KWhr of electricity and 1,5 litres of paraffin per week

In addition, where cooking is done in homes over open fires, using a Wonderbag will improve air quality by reducing smoke.


This content and image is taken from the Wonderbag Project website.

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Comment by Carol Horne on September 14, 2009 at 19:29
Wonderbag recipes: http://www.naturalbalancesa.com/products/WONDERBAG/recipes.html


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