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A solar water heater from glass bottles

Ma Yajun is a farmer in China's Shaanxi province, from the village of Qiqiao. Back in 2007 he developed and installed a simple solar water heating system onto his roof, made from a grid of 66 modified glass water bottles , all connected to one another and attached to his sloping roof. Each morning Yajun fills the bottles with water from a hose simply by filling the first one, and allowing the water to run through them all until there is enough for all his family to have a shower later that day. Because the surface area is so great compared to if he had filled the water into a tank, it takes a lot les sun to heat the water to a reasonable temperature.

During the day, the sun heats the water in the bottles. When at the end of the day, any member of his family wishes to have hot shower, he releases a valve which allowS the now sun-warmed water to run from the roof into the shower to which it is connected.

Already several other members of the village have asked him to install such water heating systems on their roofs.

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Comment by Derrick Opio Ukumu on October 16, 2009 at 11:43
Great idea. We would need that kind of tech down here in Uganda. We would actually need some thing to pour water into the bottles, bse we often get rainfall and it is not harvested and used maximumly.
We would also need security bse the bottles would disappear, esply if people hve gone to sleep at nite.
Comment by Abhishek Behl on May 28, 2009 at 17:49
Great case study... This is something which can be worked well in India as well as some TOFT members can use it wisely. Simple concepts work wonders. The problem in India would be glass bottles are a great revenue generator and can be sold to a garbage collector. This will need good security as well.


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